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International Appeal

Nepal, being one of the poorest nations has recently been  shaken by an earthquake. The devastation has caused life and harm to the day to day life of people in Nepal. The entire country is shaken by the enormity of the disaster. Despite of the humanitarian help received by the countries, there is still need for more help and relief work.
The areas covered by the international media are eligible and accessible to get help earlier than those in remote areas. Due to  its uneven geographical topography Nepal’s  earthquake relief work has been neglected in the remote areas.
 The SDMT Trust, formed since (2004) are doing various social activities for the upliftment of the poor and need to bridge the unequalities among the rich and poor.  Bajangi Raja the Late Prithivi Bahadur Singh started social work which was continued by his son Bajangi Raja the late Deepak Bahadur Singh and his daughter in law late HRH Princess Shanti RLD Singh. All the social work activities contributed towards their ancestral land –Bhajang and its people. They worked towards the upliftment of Bhajang and its people. Education, Health and employment opportunities were the main focal issues they tackled in Bajhang. Other underlying issues were socio-economic, economic, training and skill programs etc. .
Late HRH Princess Shanti’s contribution towards the society is immense. She gave her time and effort in helping the disabled and marginalized people of the society. Her greatest contribution is in the Social Welfare Council in 1976 A.D where she headed the Helpless Service Coordination Committee, as a chairperson. From there she reached out to many underprivileged communities and marginalized groups in rural sectors as well as urban sectors.
This Shanti Deepak Memorable Trust (SDMT) is dedicated to their contribution and effort. SDMT is trying and will do its best to do justice to their work. SDMT will not limit itself but will break barriers and promote social work to great heights for the development of Bajhang and will also contribute to the development of the country. And is keen and committed to provide further support and help to those living in remote areas were yet the help cannot reach due to the geographical condition and monsoon session. The Trust propose to help and rehabilitate the people affected by the earthquake by the means of constructing colonies with basic amenities i.e. one bed room with kitchen, Tent and construction of Hospital. The trust all alone cannot succeed unless the help comes from international communities and from individuals who come forward to support by means of donations. The trust believes that giving little help to the people in crises can make their lives easier to an extent.

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Bank: Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.
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Bank Address: Durbar Marga, Kathmandu, Nepal
Bank Number: 00105010017878

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